Especially 'cause it's spelled Beau
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I'm a Product Designer and artist livin' it up in Winter Park, FL with my beautiful wife, Kate and baby daughter, Scarlett. Currently, I work from the comfort of my home (and undies) for Very™, a consultancy based out of Chattanooga.

I've previously worked as a designer for local print shops, creative agencies, startups, and some pretty crazy clients as a hired pistol. All of them have had their pros and cons, but I can say with a sound mind and heart that I've found my people and my place in the design community as well as my personal community.

In the past fews of years, I've had the pleasure of designing packaging for the band Gungor, creatively directed/designed/photographed two restaurants in Downtown Orlando - Baoery Asian Gastropub and Soco - Southern Contemporary Cuisine, and have had my first iOS app (designed while at Crow's Nest Digital) published in the App Store - FitnessTracker+.


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