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The Noun Project Icons

My first time selling my work for the masses has begun! I've been creating visual designs for print, web, mobile, and the like for years now, but I've never put time into selling single pieces of my work online... until now. The Noun Project is where I've chosen to start and it's been great so far.

For my first set of icons, I decided to go with a simple idea:

Set #1: Backpacks
Backpack Icons

fig 1.0: Backpack icons


Why? Because who doesn't like backpacks? Everyone has had one at some point in their life. Even homeless people have them, sometimes that's all they have. And if someone is able to use one of these icons on a non-profit type of web site to help out the homeless, what better way to give back?

The best part is, these icons have only been up on The Noun Project for 2 weeks and they have collectively been downloaded 40 times! Here's to the beginning of something great.

Download the pack

Stay tuned for more icons in this pack and others.

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